Saturday, January 20, 2007

Armchair research...

Youngest son and myself moved the fallen conifer today and we both ended up with very sappy fingers. I had planned on ploughing through a David Lean biography this afternoon but, instead, after going out and ordering a new bed to replace our hideously uncomfortable Ikea monstrosity, have wallowed around watching Film 4, which was showing two mildly-amusing Rank films (and thus, I can kid myself once again that I am involved in some kind of additional research). The films in question were both directed by Ronald Neame - the Alec Guiness-starring The Card (1952) and The Million Pound Note (1953), based on a Mark Twain short story, which has Gregory Peck heading the bill. So, erm, all in all a good afternoon's work. It gets more exciting - ITV tonight has celebrities dancing/breaking their legs on ice! Do these people have no shame?

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