Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Bit of a worrying call from my friends* at Nat West. "This isn't a sales call," it started. Oh, here we go again, what pension/insurance/consolidation product are they trying to sell me now? "Humberside Police have informed us that your debit card has been cloned. Could you give us permission to withdraw the card from service and we will then issue you with a new one?" (gulps loudly) "Erm. Yes. Yes. Stop the card. Erm. What does this mean?" "Your card has been cloned. If you check your statement and notice any irregular payments that you didn't authorise then do call into your branch and they will return the money to you." "Oh. Right. Erm. Thanks." I think. There's no money in the account anyway. But now I'm thinking, mainly because I hardly ever look at a bank statement as I can no longer stand the pain, the reason there's no money in the account is because my card has been cloned! To the bank!

Yet more interesting websites stumbled across - good Victoria Newton fact checking fun at VickyWatch and Japanese gadgets aplenty at the appropriately named Japanese Gadgets. Took me mind right off filling in the tax return, they did.

A cancerous-sounding man on Radio Humberside's phone-in talking about incineration, rather than recycling, as a method of ridding us of waste: "If we burn everything then one day there'll be nothing left, will there?"

And finally, a great headline on the HDM's website, that must have been lurking out there but appeared today between those posted on January 8 and 9. The usual, really:

Inside page lead ghead 5 Jan: Hjhj.




Anonymous said...

That Vicky Watch site is great. But don't you think the author should have better things to do with his/her time?

Anonymous said...

Sadly the card cloning thing is rife in Hull at the moment, I am aware of at least 4 or 5 other people who have been "done"

Dave W said...

Aye, Stephen, I think there are a lot better ways of spending time than highlighting the multifarious inaccuracies of a gossip columnist. But it's very entertaining and I hope it keeps going. The author's probably an under-valued editorial assistant at the Scum or something, wouldn't you think?

Anonymous said...

There's definitely a degree of inside knowledge demonstrated. But what's the world coming to when gossip columnists have to be nice to their underlings?