Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deal or no deal?

Shilpa Shetty, off of television's celebrity-packed Celebrity Big Brother, is big in Bollywood. The internet is full of lies. Put the two together and you get an amazing, but short-lived, entry about the Bollywood enigma and the star of Aag, Hatkadi and Baazigar on Wikipedia:

Although there is no proof it is rumoured that Shilpa Shetty has had 2 children: Hans Sanjay and Inverdeer Shilpatty although he is now dead. In early 1990 Shilpa asked her best friend Silvie Sanjay if she would grow Shilpa's baby in her womb and then on October 7th in 1991 Silvie gave birth to Inverdeer Shilpatty.
As soon as Inverdeer was born Shilpa asked her other friend Betty Howard if she would grow another child in her womb. Betty gladly accepted and on July 16th in 1992 Hans Sanjay was born named by Betty.
The father of the two was Noel Edmunds (possibly named after the star of Swap Shop) who was 15 at the time of the two boys' birth. As Shilpa persued her career Noel looked after his sons. He was a spy working for Russia however he gave that up for his children but he was killed on 18th August 1998 by a Mr Alex Pentium who worked for the Russian government. The children were then looked after by John Edmunds (their uncle) who brought them over to America where he worked as a spy after being liberated from his Russian duties.
When the boys were 10 they started training to become spies much like their uncle and father and by the time they were 13 they had completed their training. On September 26th 2005 the boys were sent on their first mission where they had to recover information about Canada from an anonymous field agent in Times Sq New York. The mission went terribly awry as the boys were intercepted on the subway. They were taken hostage in a broom closet in the subway and in an attempt to escape Inverdeer was shot dead. Hans managed to get to safety along with the information.
Hans now lives with family in Birmingham, England. After seeing his true mother on Big Brother he now aspires to locate and meet her.

Erm, yeah, right. Noel Edmunds! Sadly, or not, if you prefer the truth, the Wikipedia editors descended quickly and an hour after we spotted this hilarity it had been removed. Read Shilpa's revised entry here. Go on, admit it, you're tempted to add some stuff you've made up about her, aren't you? Maybe Shilpa will be asking Jackiey if she can grow a baby in her womb? Jackiey's answer? "Why, certainly, Shullypappapa. Or whatever your name is."

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