Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hat's entertainment...

I wore my new hat today. M's sister bought it for me when she was in Prague last week. And quite a hat it is too - woolly, with flaps to cover your ears and a tassel at the top and some ties that you can leave dangling to create the impression that you have woolly pigtails (similar to the hat in the picture, only mine is better and worn by me, not some grinning model keen to stretch the hat to its absolute breaking point). I liked the hat so much that I wore it whilst driving and then showed it off to several people at the theatre. They weren't so much impressed as taking several steps backwards while looking slightly unnerved by the nut case in the hat, although I think that, in their heart of hearts (or their heart of hats), they know that I've got the best hat in the whole wide world. I think that they would kill for a hat like mine. They may even kill me for that exact same hat. That's how good it is. My hat. The best. Worth killing for. Although I didn't have to kill for it, it was a gift. Was a man killed for his hat in Prague recently? If so, I think I might know who done the crime.

I'm one of a couple of people running workshops at the end of the month for entrants to a BBC creative writing competition and, as part of a week-long promotion of the competition, I was on the radio this afternoon. Mid-way through the interview and with a tune (From New York to LA I think it was) filling the airwaves the presenter asked me if I fancied reading the weather and I thought, why not? Ten seconds later there I was, telling the listeners what the weather had in store for them. Weird shit that took me aback but very enjoyable. Later, M congratulated me on my dramatic emphasis of words such as rain and wind.

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