Thursday, January 04, 2007

How very interesting...

Funny how one day you can belt out words like there's no tomorrow and then, tomorrow, or today, if you can't follow that linear leaping timeline, it just doesn't quite happen. So far the most constructive thing that I've managed to do is toast some muffins and scramble some eggs. And add some new bits to the sidebar. And stumble across a pair of Hull blogs - bonkers HDM letter-writer extraordinaire Dermot Rathbone and the more sedate general layabout Becky. Yes, I was seeking out distractions rather than putting the effort into building on yesterday's impressive effort. It is, as John Lloyd says in the Peter Cook miscellany How Very Interesting "Deadline-itis."

"You know, when you've given yourself nine months to do it and eight and three quarter months have elapsed...and you haven't even started."

Apropos of the Cook book, we were flicking through the assorted gibberish on digital television post-Celeb Big Brother last night and ended up coming across (ooh, matron!) An Audience With Kenneth Williams just as he was delivering his monologue about an asp in a box, which the mighty Peter Cook wrote. I shall probably spend the afternoon on You Tube watching Peter Cook clips. Such as this piece of genius...

No, no, you fool, finish the outline!

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