Thursday, January 25, 2007


Started my day chuckling at a wonderful interchange between a writer and an editor that's well worth reading, moved on to the latest in the gay adoption row, caught up on the next round of job cuts in this city (bringing the running total up to 1,000. Blimey), Kate Moss' boyfriend's new record deal, gulped at the bizarre fact that my Jade Goody video up on has amassed 2,850 (and rising) viewers and updated my anti-virus software. And all before 10am. Thus, clearing the way for some rootin', tootin' writin'. Had a good day yesterday, overcoming some hypothetical technical crises in my mind and realising that I can make a dull Churchill-loving, Methodist Hall-building man with a big nose funny, as well as writing a fair chunk of it all. So, back to it! In the meantime, aware that you might be trying to avoid work but want to look busy at your workstation to impress your line manager/justify the expense of your home office setup, I will leave you in the capable hands of one of the women I love:

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