Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time is running out...

More Rank, broken up by a trip out to pay some bills, buy a packet of scones and watch some actors trot through the educational version of Bouncers before lunching with them (chicken tikka, mmmm). They're a good bunch and the school kids about to witness their antics and get involved in workshops will have some fun. Having re-read three biographies and all my research notes and making more notes, head's now totally awash with all there is to know about Uncle Arthur, as Johnny Mills and a host of others were prone to call the raging big-nosed Methodist flour miller turned movie mogul J Arthur Rank. His great grandfather's first flour mill, now a pub, was on the news yesterday - the sails fell off last week on the same day our conifer was downed and the pub's had to close (Landlord, losing £30,000 a week: "This is home to a lot of our customers."). Not that any of that helps with the writing. Looming deadlines will, though.

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