Saturday, January 27, 2007

To the theatre last night to watch Nick Lane's My Favourite Summer (global warming really is hitting the north) at Hull Truck. It was a great fun - indeed, there was a man sat opposite me who was laughing so heartily he was sliding off his chair and having to fan his rosy cheeks with a programme for the bulk of the play - and also gave theatregoers the chance to learn a bit more about scaffold clips. So well done Lane.
For once we spurned the post-show snacks on offer (we're usually filling our pockets with onion bhajis and vegetable samosas to get us through the cold nights before the next opening night) as we had a very important duty to perform back home - watching Jo O'Meara's Big Brother eviction interview. Why, the brazen ex-S Club hussy showed no remorse and was quite adamant that she done no wrong. "You can't click with everybody you meet. It's not a racist thing," she gone and said on national telly to Davina, thus ending all debate. Besides, MP Andrew Rosindell says it's just normal for a Noak Hill girl to act like that. P'raps she was just indulging in some Ian McKellan method?

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