Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Too real?

As a man that literally throws away hours of his time gawping at all incarnations of Big Brother I suppose I better express my thoughts on the recent shenanigans. It's certainly an uncomfortable viewing experience, and Brecht would be impressed with the alienation techniques at work. There's absolutely no doubt that racism has reared its ugly head - the housemates can't blame dodgy, out-of-context editing for their bigotry. But I'm not expecting Davina McCall to give any of the guilty housemates a grilling when they exit the bunker to their deserved chorus of boos. Nah, she'll talk about the important issues. Such as...erm...erm...nope, sorry, can't really think of anything else that's happened. She'll think of something vacuous, though, our Davina, she's a master at that. I'm thinking, though, that the reason CBB is such an awkward, horrendous experience for us audience members this time around is that those people slobbing around on the sofa really are a true representation of the worst, shitty bits of British life. Ladies and gentlemen, this country is home to many racists and, ooh, look, there they are. And when those racists are not called to task over their misguided views, it reminds us of the times when we've not intervened when we should have. Or it does me, anyway, and, as I watch these morons, I'm growing increasingly appalled. I've met the likes of Goody, O'Meara and Lloyd in the real world. Okay, the ones I've met aren't Z-list celebs nor footballers wives, but they spouted the same nonsense, and, like H from Steps, I've failed to confront them. Never again, though, I'm certain of that. For once, reality television is just what it says on the tin. And it ain't nice, is it?

Back to Spurn today, to gather some research and admire the choppy conditions out on the Humber. With Force 10s on the way the crew were all set to head to their second home at Grimsby (they move there when the wind is high, as otherwise it's impossible to launch the lifeboat). But it was the coxswain's wife I'd come to have a quick natter with, and she explained life at Spurn over a nice cuppa. We sat and talked in the control room. It looks like this:

Tomorrow? No Spurn, just J Arthur Rank, which is coming along nicely, thanks for asking.


bazza27 said...

I shouldn't comment on the racist content of Big Brother as I haven't seen it, but it does give me hope that the consequences are that once it's over everyone in there is completely ignored by the media. Unfortunately they will all be given the opportunity to explain that they are the victims and how they are misunderstood. The whole thing makes me sick.

Dave W said...

Cultural commentator and all-round smart egg Paul Morley was on the television last night, on one of BB's many offshoots, saying that he hopes that this series will finally signal an end to celebrities who are merely famous for being famous, and I hope he's right. For once I get the feeling they won't be let off the hook - there's absolutely no way that they can claim that they're the victims - and the meeja will certainly be sharpening its knives to end whatever Jade Goody's career actually is and destroy Danielle Lloyd. Not that that's acceptable behaviour either, but they've brought it upon themselves. But, aye, let's hope they head into eternal hiding after this one. I can recommend the upcoming round of eviction nights if you're after some interesting viewing and a bit of egg throwing.