Monday, February 26, 2007

Are they really scientists?

A sensationally creative day rounded off with a We Are Scientists gig. And any band that can integrate a guitar solo from the Irene Cara song Fame into one of their tunes and not come across like a trio of wankers does it for me. I wasn't quite prepared for how anthemic We Are Scientists songs are - their recordings don't do the live experience justice at all and in a sweaty, pulsating room Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt and The Great Escape kick several serious asses all at once. Yes, a good gig. The only thing that ruined my day was our milk. Finally falling through the door I desperately craved a cup of tea only to find that the milk had gone off. Boo hoo. Oh, aye, and sight lines at the University of Hull's Asylum leave a little to be desired if you're not part of the party on the sunken dance floor (but eventually we jockeyed for a finer position). Unless you like looking at just the top of band members' heads, that is. And one last gripe - all this "we are Hull" chanting at gigs in the city is getting embarrassing and won't be impressing our musical visitors. I do believe local gents The Paddingtons inflicted this on us all. Bad lads.

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