Friday, February 09, 2007

Contemporary lessons in writing...

The curse of youtube. Up relatively early to get cracking on the play, I decided to ease myself into the day by listening to some Kenny Williams and David Lean audio over on the BBC's website, over-indulging on Noel Coward mp3s and then sidling over to youtube for some Larry Olivier clips. As ever, the youtube action has led me in a thousand other directions I didn't particularly envisage heading, although now I've stumbled upon something that I really feel the need to watch - Robert B Weide's Lenny Bruce documentary Swear to Tell the Truth, which is narrated by Robert De Niro. Although I better not, as it's up there as a complete 11-part epic and that would be that for the day. Sometimes all this technology at your fingertips and a broadband connection is a very bad thing.

Given that I'm a bit tied up right now and thus not getting out enough to have anything worthwhile to blog about, I'll send you in the direction of others. Roy over at the overwhelmingly entertaining Q-Taro does his best to promote disgusting Mega Macs here while, apropos of putting pen to paper and via John Baker's ever-interesting ramblings, Jenny Sinclair says it's time we put a stop the glut of writing courses, writing workshops, writing weekends and writing holidays.

Now, back to the Lenny Bruce documentary writing!

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