Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's tomorrow already...

And here I am in the early hours again. Just finished a writing stint, trying to make up for a few hours lost doing other things yesterday. It was a satisfactory session and I'm now well into the second half of the play and there's almost a bit of light shining out there on the horizon. Certainly by this time next week I'd like to think that I'll be redrafting the script in readiness for the gaze of a couple of other people who have an interest in the work. Happy-ish, then - which is a nice state to be in when you write comedy - despite knowing that there's still a bit of a rock formation to clamber up and more jokes required if anyone's to laugh out loud. Knowing that I'm all written out for the night I've tried to unwind with yet another cup of tea and a quick lesson in Flash animation.

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