Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mess and that...

Another flurry of words. More online poker. A few vague thoughts on a screenplay. A big bloody mess of files and books and CDs and laptops and newspapers on the room-for-six dining table at which I'm working. It'll never make The Guardian's Writers' Rooms spot, this number, although I reckon it's more typical than the rooms that have. I've got an 'almost office' upstairs but I've gone off the space and have started to find it oppressive and the desk not quite big enough and my music that's not stored on hard drives is not there, it's here. Although, saying that, Kleptones mash-ups are trundling out of this laptop as I write. Have excelled myself today. My reward? A guilt-free afternoon mucking about with Wordpress and Flash software SwishMax. Hope your day's going well too.

Listening: The Kleptones - 24 Hours

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