Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not only but also...

What an exciting day. Not only an email from Tony Blair but also a small cheque from the BBC. The BBC cheque was lovely to look at and I really wish that I could have not cashed it and had been able to frame it for posterity instead. Nice Beeb logo and a lovely silver hologram top left. Please send me more.
I was quite surprised at the length of Tony's email. He appears to be trying to bore me into submission re road pricing with a bombardment of facts and chat about the Eddington Study (what???). All I know is that I'm already perilously close to being priced off the roads (I guess that's the point, ain't it?) and I hope that this petition helps politicians polarise their views. Tony says: "I fully accept that we don't have all the answers yet. That is why we are not rushing headlong into a national road pricing scheme. Before we take any decisions there would be further consultations. The public will, of course, have their say, as will Parliament." Hmmf, "as will Parliament". They shout "mwaa haar haar" a lot and do what they fucking well want regardless, though, don't they? I'm not holding my breath. But wouldn't it be nice if democracy was exactly what it says on the tin for once? Or, failing that, we have a bloody revolution!

Tonight, though, all thoughts of revolution will be cast aside. Am off to see The Twang, described by some hacks as "the next big thing"(aren't they all, just in case one of them actually is?). We shall see. If ticket sales are any kind of marker it should be good - the gig's sold out.

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