Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bridge of signs...

Recovered, I suppose. So it was back on with the weekend stuff - a browse around a few big shops in town, resulting in a carrier bag full of candles, incense sticks and poker chips (ingredients for a sober, pleasantly scented, gamblin' night in) followed by fast food and a quick trot around some of Hull's old industry. Stopped to take in the blue plaque that's adhered to the Wilmington Bridge, which, as well as continuing to swing over the River Hull, is now part of a cycleway: "Built for the North Easten Railway and opened on 10 May, 1907 the Myton Bridge replaced a single track bridge built in 1853 for the York & North Midland Railway." I didn't know that when I set out this morning.

Listening: Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

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