Thursday, February 15, 2007

See this...

Busy with redrafts. Which is good news for you, as you get pretty pictures to look at instead of me mumbling on slagging off cockneys, Chelsea Pensioners and City cunts gents. Here's a flavour of London and its guitars for you:

Jimi meets Jo: Jimi Hendrix's flat from the 1960s, which is on Brook Street, is now home to a Jo Malone fragrance boutique. Jimi, I imagine, must have really stunk the place up in his short time there. Photo-geeks will want to know, or probably already know, that there's a Photoshop diffuse filter at work here and the trailing tail lights are due to a long exposure.

I like this: But then I would, I took it. It's Albert Bridge shot from the Oakley Street junction.

Dead wood: Detail of Brian Jones' Vox Mk VI. If you study this long enough you'll be able to emulate Jonesey's autograph and can then defraud people on ebay. I do believe that's Mick Jagger's scrawl next to Brian's, while the rest of the band just fit where they can.

Subtle Keef: Keith Richards' used this ugly beast on the Stones' Voodoo Lounge tour. I think it's supposed to mirror his own complexion.

And finally: Me being all smug again using Photoshop to contrast a rather large iPod ad with the slightly less gadgety and somewhat more historic St Martin-in-the-Fields church, Trafalgar Square. There's a sign up on the scaffolding reminding anti-capitalists that the church renovations are partly paid for by Apple's advert. If I had more time I'd probably discuss this interesting juxtaposition of the present and the past. But you can think about it over your next cup of coffee if you like. Right, where's the play?


More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Wow! I love the Albert Bridge. I used to run over it every Monday on my five-mile circular jog thru Battersea Park. And occasionally panhandle on the 'bankment by the red phone box.

bazza27 said...

Love the first picture, and that phrase "stunk the place up" is ringing bells, but I don't know why. Mind you, wifey frequently accuses me of being senile.

Dave W said...

Thanx Bazza. "stunk the place up" - dunno, maybe I've sub-consciously slotted a song lyric in there, have I? Any clues Loz, you musicologist, you?

bazza27 said...

It's from the Plater book I just read, apparently Duke Ellington had a saying that "words stink the place out". Obviously never read anything by you or Loz.