Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Truck movement...

So, after giving myself lots of notes on the first, and deciding that I'll plough on to the end before any rewrites, it's on with the second act, nose to the grindstone (an appropriate phrase, given that I'm writing about a man that loved to mill flour before he got himself involved with the film world. He had a big nose too, one that would have benefited from a bit of grinding.) and all that.

Had a beer with Lozman in one of the city centre's grimiest and smokiest public houses yesterday, something of a small celebration of our time spent working together at the local rag, which he's about to depart. This was after doing some dreaded and very painful bill-paying (fans of closure will, I'm sure, be keen to know what happened to my parking ticket appeal. Well, it failed, thus rendering two subsequent ticket appeals on the same grounds pointless, so it was time to go and throw a large amount of money over the counter at the city council's treasury). Between the treasury and pub visits, I took in the most recent heavy plant movements at Hull's most talked about development - thoroughly enjoying watching a skip being hoisted through the air. In my mind all this took place to Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, a la Woody Allen's Manhattan. I truly am in love with Hull's new skyline - it's great to see something tall that's not a block of council flats. The picture on the left is the site for the new Hull Truck, and all the doubters, deniers and nay-sayers that spend their lives mumbling about things never happening in Hull will have to shut up pretty soon, as it looks like it will now only be a matter of weeks before something substantial starts to appear above the nice red fence. Hope I'm still enjoying a good relationship with the theatre come the opening of this baby.

Listening: The Good, The Bad and the Queen.


bazza27 said...

Talking of Hull Truck, I was persuaded to read a book by Alan Plater the other day called Doggin' Around, where he claims to have started it all 35 years ago.

Dave W said...

Blimey, the old, erm, dog. And after reading the book, Bazza, will you be heading to wherever it is these people head?