Monday, March 05, 2007

Bringing home the bacon...

Did a bit of minor tinkering with the script then [electronically] delivered the darn thing. Leaving me with a feeling of "oh, what now?" and the prospect of reading the Build More Sperm in Your Penis email that had just arrived in my inbox. Then I remembered - yesterday, mother gave me a pack of bacon. Bless her, she is always looking out for her son because he lives with "one of those vegetarians" and very often discreetly passes him pieces of meat. It's taken mother a while to fully understand the concept of vegetarianism and I've overheard her on several occasions advising M that "you'd enjoy a piece of chicken if you'd just give it a go" and forever asking, "they can eat ham, can't they, that's not proper meat?" Anyway, now aware of the third way, she now stocks up on (but never eats) "that fancy Quorn, I like it, it's nice" and, when her freezer reaches full capacity and she realises the reason is that she's filled it up with faux meat, she ends up giving it all to us, as well as sliding the odd pack of bacon in my direction, as she did yesterday. So I've just devoured the bacon, in between two pitta breads (also donated) and coated in chopped tomatoes. Mmmmm. And now I've eaten it? Yes, the feeling of "oh, what now?" has returned. And yes, I will be watching Kill It, Cook It, Eat It later.

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