Saturday, March 10, 2007

Making an exhibition of themselves...

A stroll into the city centre, taking in the Open Exhibition at the Ferens, where the standard of entries was incredibly high, I thought. My favourite is pictured. Reminds me of the Radiohead cover to Hail to the Thief. On closer inspection it's lots of CDs stacked atop each other, a veritable what's what 'n' who's who of the artist's very cool music collection.

When we exited the gallery we were confronted by Jimi Hendrix tribute band Are You Experienced, who had taken over Queen Victoria Square to do a bit of promotion for their full scale gig at the City Hall in April. Quite an appreciative crowd gathered although the pic I took with my mobile makes it look like the only audience was one bloke and his dog (actually, the bloke with his dog is legendary Hull busker Doogie). The band were very good, very authentic, very velvety trousered and filled the drab Hull air with Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Fire and Foxy Lady. Doogie's dog really enjoyed it.

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bazza27 said...

Couldn't agree more about the standard of entries at the Ferens, I went last week and enjoyed it too.