Saturday, March 17, 2007


Okay, so Wogan was making an ironic side swipe about television phone polls when he shouted the wrong name as winner on the Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up results show. Wasn't he? Or will there be yet more fuss? Either way confusion reigned for several seconds before Fern Cotton corrected Tezza's error much to the confusion of actual winners Scooch, who shuffled about uncomfortably, pulled puzzled faces and could briefly be seen wondering what the Channel 5 life would have in store for them now. But don't panic, Scooch, you've won! No need to go back into higher education, band member David! Poor winner turned loser Cyndi - one minute she was off to Finland and had a life of mediocrity ahead of her, the next Cotton - whose breasts were peculiarly spread wide apart throughout the show - was pushing her off the stage. What does it take to win the hearts and minds of those people who vote (blimey, ain't they had enough? Surely they're out of cash with all the Celebrity Fame Academy and Comic Relief calls in recent days)? Well, Scooch dressed as airline cabin crew and sang some load of old shit about Flying The Flag, claiming, as if it's something to be proud of, that they're "the Buck's Fizz for this generation". Alternatives and, thus, officially losers once the votes were counted, included Justin soddin' Hawkins and Brian Harvey, back on the scene after running himself over with his own 4x4. After singing his ballad Brian, once upon a magical time of East 17, told broad cleavaged Cotton, "that's an 'ard song to sing". Is this really the man that serenaded the UK with Stay Another Day? Or was he replaced by a looky likey at the time of the 4x4 collision? To think I gave up my fix of Primeval Spearritt to watch all this unfold. Silly me.

Meanwhile, back to the subject of winning, Hull FC chalked up another victory tonight, this one by convincingly pushing aside St Helens. Round six and they appear to be warming up nicely.

Reading: Bill Wyman with Richard Havers - Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey


Richard Havers said...

Hi Dave

I got a google alert based upon the fact that you are reading Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey. I wrote it with Bill so i just wanted to say thanks for reading it!



Dave W said...

How terribly remiss of me for not including your name when I mentioned this most excellent of books. I shall amend that entry right now! Thanks for dropping by.

bazza27 said...

I was fortunate to switch the Eurovision thingy on right near the end. What an hilarious farce it turned out to be. My reading of it though was slightly different to yours. I think Scooch had already been told they had won it so when Tel did his bit, the looks on their faces was brilliant. Imagine if this had been Man U versus Chelsea, there would have been fisticuffs and all sorts.

Benjamin said...

Like Bazza, I dropped in at the end also. It was all pretty funny, especially that guy thinking he was off-mike going 'Hawkins has walked?', not to mention Hawkins walking. Terry Wogan, Dave? Are you a fan? I think I'm warming to him after all these years. He's very modest.

Dave W said...

I, too, am coming around to Wogan. Not sure he can actually do telly, though, oddly - those moments of dead air that always accompany his thoughts still seem a bit embarrassing. But on Radio 2, where people fill the silence for him, he's the man and very funny. Sorry, dead air, it's become something of a preoccupation of mine of late.