Monday, April 30, 2007


Nice piece in the HDM today about Sully. With an accompanying video too - once there's a link available you shall have it, dear reader (how are ya, mum?). And I'm on Radio Humberside twice this week; on a sports-related shindig tomorrow night (6.30pm) and alongside Ros Sullivan on Thursday afternoon (2pm). Listen live here and hear for yourselves how inarticulate I can be. And apparently The Independent are in Hull tomorrow investigating recent rugby league shenanigans in the city and want to sit in on rehearsals and have a chat. All good, then. As M points out, the really nice thing about the HDM piece is that I'm hardly mentioned - the play now has its own set of wings and long may it continue to fly. And tickets to sell. And last year's amazing audience reaction be repeated. Meanwhile, I'm getting angsty about my next play for the theatre, the latest reading of my Rank gubbins this week, a short film that I'm writing, a disaster with my car that I'm not about to bore you here and an imminent new appointment with Opera North. M tells me I am losing weight. Impartial observers would still point to the wobbly bits and laugh.

BTW, the pic is from last week and, L-R, is Lee Green, Fidel and Amy Thompson. They've since just about dispensed with the scripts.

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