Monday, April 02, 2007

Ball games...

Wandered around the park in the sun. Thought there was a high amount of track suited urchins hangin' and lookin' 'ard until I associated their presence with the reason I'm not teaching tonight - it's half-term. The lovely park is just seconds away from our house which is in a densely populated part of the city. You'd think that the kids that live in the area would embrace the wide open space up the street but no, they prefer to kick their footballs against brick walls and around - and occasionally into - the voluminous traffic. I did once ask a couple of them why this was, only to be told that their parents wouldn't let them go to the park. Why not? They won't let us, they like to know where we are. Their parents - who are nowhere to be seen and aren't bothered which walls, houses and cars their offspring are booting their balls into as long as it's not their own - are not even close to being half-witted.

twittervision is so good that it has even developed ESP. When I finally landed on the map today I realised that my location looked to be around and about the home of Hull FC and Hull City - the KC Stadium. Which is where I'll definitely be on Bank Holiday Monday, watching the black and whites show Hull KR what rugby league is all about in the first competitive derby game for a decade.

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