Wednesday, April 04, 2007


BBC local radio phone-in presenter late last night, talking about Iraq:

"I wouldn't send my worst enemy to that hell hole."
Frankly, it would be a tad illogical to send your worst enemy to an area you were already struggling to control. The last thing you need pointing weaponry at your soft-top Land Rover is your worst enemy.

On page 23 of today's Telegraph, Neil Midgley asks "Where can the Beeb find its missing 2bn pounds?"

Now, if Neil had taken any notice of the front page of the business section of the Telegraph, he could have suggested that the Beeb goes running along to the National Grid: "National Grid sells wireless business for £2.5bn pounds." They could loan the Beeb the necessary and still have half a bn left to buy sweets. Or isn't business that simple? What is a bn anyway?


bazza27 said...

It might refer to another country's currency like Brazilian or Belgiun or maybe it's just short for bleedin' as in " you lost how much bleedin' money". It can't stand for billion though as everyone knows sweets don't cost that much.
Was that a competition by the way? do I win a prize?

Dave W said...

You win a free 12-month subscription to Radio Humberside. Sorry, there is no cash alternative.

bazza27 said...

Could've been worse, could've been bleedin' Viking FM.