Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rugby shorts...

Did first bit of press today for Sully. Amazingly, it all came back to me - the incoherent babbling, the mumbling, the inability to make the play sound as exciting as it undoubtedly is. I felt like I was just saying the same sentence over and over. In fact, I probably was. So, should secure a paragraph of coverage. Still, it got me away from writing about two people sat in a hut.

But enough of all that. I'm getting excited as a major sporting contest is on the horizon and I'm going to be there...

Hull coach Peter Sharp claims there are few games in rugby league that can match the ferocity of his club's meetings with Hull KR.

The city rivals clash competitively for the first time in 10 years in a blockbusting engage Super League derby at the KC Stadium on Easter Monday.

Sharpy says...

"North Sydney, once upon a time, and Manly had a bit of a local derby, as did Parramatta and Balmain but there is nothing that goes anywhere near to matching the intensity and the rivalry of having the two teams in the one town as on this occasion.

"It's absolutely tremendous. Justin [Morgan] and I are certainly both going to find out on Monday what it's like to be in a derby.

"It is very exciting for the city and rugby league in general."

Read full story at Sporting Life

Woo hoo! I can hardly wait.


Stephen Newton said...

So when is Hull Truck going to take your work on tour?

Dave W said...

Well, Stephen, I have high hopes that the thing that I am currently working on will tour successfully. But these things, they are out of my small, soft hands. Your question is a question that I, too, ask regularly. Although I am obviously asking the wrong person.

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