Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well, where'd you think I'd be?

Back to rehearsals. Little for me to do except look on in amazement and wonder how I'll keep sane over the next couple of weeks while they're busy with this and I'm not. Look at the smile on Martin's face. Bless. At that point, of course, he knew he was just seconds away from asking the actors to get on their haunches.

Naturally, once on their haunches the actors were teased with an unpeeled banana well-within its best before date and strategically placed in close proximity to a mug containing Martin's dentures.

Later, we adjourned to a hotel currently playing host to comedy hero Rik Mayall to watch two of our entourage eating chips and wedges, the latter proving to be the most popular of the two potato-based products on offer. And that, folks, is the creative process in a nutshell.

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nq said...

Looking good, Dave. Any chance of a play on the subject of Paul Cooke? It's a classic story of good v evil, as he battles to play for the forces of righteousness...