Thursday, May 03, 2007

And then what?

A few changes to the sidebar. The blog roll's now automatically sloshing about on the right hand side via my RSS feed reader, so there'll be no more hours wasted manually pasting new links in there - rather, every time I subscribe to a new feed, it will appear as if by magic. Hurrah. I should have done it long, long ago.

Back on the radio today. No listen-again feature this time to send you to. Shucks. M tells me I did okay, sounded coherent and should have my own show. She can be sarcastic at times.

Last night's reading at the college went okay but there's certainly work to do on the script, which skids to a standstill in a couple of places. That will have to change as I can't stand the thought of boring an audience. We agreed a date for the redraft, after which we're heading towards a rehearsed reading. Alarmingly, I was informed that the students at this learning institute are studying playwrights from round these parts at the moment and one of those under the spotlight is, gulp, me (eh???). Would I go in and have a chat with them? Of course, I said yes.

Sully opens a week today. I'm calling in to rehearsals tomorrow for a look and that will be the last I see of it until the first night. This year is like an out-of-body experience and very little to do with me and, indeed, I feel a bit flat and increasingly detached from reality but I'm really looking forward to seeing the play in the theatre again. And then what? You'd think I'd know by now.

Listening: Joan Armatrading - In To The Blues

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