Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sonic boom boy...

Sadly, for you, you only have six hours in which you can listen again to my performance on last night's Radio Humberside show Sportstalk before it's replaced by tonight's programme. Still, if you're at work, it will give you something to do, eh? Have a go here. But if you're reading this on Thursday, or in 2008, don't bother. I'm about 23 minutes in. Co-director Martin B joins in a bit later via the miracle of a telephone line. After I'd left the studio a few people sent text messages and emails to the show to say how much they'd enjoyed Sully last year. And none of the messengers (messagers?) were relatives, as far as I know. How nice of them to make the effort.
This morning I finished the first draft of a short film script. Tonight, we're having a read through of the harshly trimmed Rank play to see if it still makes sense.

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