Saturday, May 05, 2007

Would you buy a used goat from this man?

There's the trifling little matter of a 200th derby game today, with Hull FC and Hull KR locking horns in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (for reasons best known to the disorganisers at the Rugby League). Hull FC will win. Nice to see The Guardian mention Clive Sullivan today - "the most celebrated of all players to have played for FC and Rovers." I was attempting to mind my own business in the city centre yesterday when a chap from one of the local independent radio stations thrust an enormous microphone under my nose in an effort to capture some snappy arch-rival soundbites for the airwaves (I'm beginning to think I have 'media friendly' stamped on my forehead). I was asked where I stood on the whole Paul Cooke saga. I replied that I would, actually, like to stand on Paul Cooke. Which I didn't mean, of course, if you're a Hull KR fan thinking about buying a ticket for Sully. In the same aforementioned preview in The Guardian, Paul Cooke says "Hull is sort of a goldfish bowl, especially for the rugby league players..." Hmmf. Watch out for the sharks, Paul.

Sent the short film script script-editorwards this morning. I added the finishing touches while eating vast quantities of fizzy cola bottles.

Suffering from insomnia, I managed to catch a sad story on Five Live at about 4am. It was the tale of Rose, the goat, who has died after eating a carrier bag. Rose shot to fame last year after the Sudan Tribune reported her marriage to a man. The man, Mr T (but not, one assumes, that Mr T), was forced to marry the goat and pay a dowry to its owner after being caught red-handed and red-faced having sex with Rose. The Sudan Tribune's obit is again journalistic gold and I especially like the line, "She is survived by a newly born male goat, now four months old and staying with Mr T."


nq said...

1 - 1

Dave W said...

Aw, Nick, that was painful to watch. It will, of course, all be avenged at Caravan Park.