Saturday, June 02, 2007


I must apologise. Quite remiss of me not to update properly of late. Rather than wallow in the misery of Sully ending, I shot over to Bradford to make a short film. Not just any old short film but one of two Global Stories shorts, backed by Screen Yorkshire, Equal and various other people, that were made in just eight days and will be premiered in Bradford at the same time as the Bollywood Oscars are taking place in West Yorkshire. I'm back in Hull now. Utterly exhausted, but back. And I'll be back in Bradford next Thursday for the premier. I'll post a few pics of the cast and crew when time allows and tell you a bit more. Today, other than sleep, I've had to rescue my virus-riddled laptop, which died mid-way through the production, boo hoo. But here I am again. Brace yourselves!!

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