Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deep and cheerful...

Now I do really like chief executive of The Deep Colin Brown's sense of humour. Half of Hull is battling to get its head above water and/or skweegie their sodden carpets. So what does Colin do? He throws open the doors of The Deep so that people can forget about their troubles and...look at stuff in water. Brilliant. Anyway, we took advantage of Colin's very kind offer and spent a couple of hours there this afternoon, using my two sons (their schools are closed due to, you guessed it, flooding) to obtain our free family ticket. It was my fourth visit - my first involved donning a hard-hat to admire concrete, builders huffing and puffing and leaning on shovels and get a sneak preview of nothing in particular before any sea life moved in and while divers were installing some bespoke fake coral into the big tank - and the place has certainly got better with age. It was also surprisingly quiet, so word about the freebies obviously hadn't got round. Unless everyone else has drowned.

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