Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hull of a return...

I knew I was back in Hull the second I joined the queue at the taxi rank. In front of me there was a woman talking about Big Brother. More specifically "the coloured girl" in the house who, apparently, she can't understand. "She wants to be a Wag," the ignorant one continued, before adding, "then there's another one wants to be a Hit (sic!) girl. And have you seen that one who thinks she's Peaches Goldoff (sic!)?" Oh yes, I was home.

Stayed in Bradford's Midland Hotel for the duration of the short film production. Nice gaff, wi-fi everywhere, lovely breakfast. We had a meal in the hotel restaurant one night and it was superb, fancy and highly edible fayre up until the pud. A waitress brought over the dessert menu. She immediately apologised for a typographic error that rendered the first dish rather revolting. The first line of the menu read: "Worm cherry tort". "It's not worms," she felt the need to explain, "it's warm." Then walked off, without explaining what a tort was. The photograph? That's the cast and some of the crew of It's My Party, which premiers in Bradford amid the Bollywood 'Oscars' festival next week.

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