Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've had my Phil...

Another day, another dose of Glastonbury on the telly, interrupted slightly by a couple of bags of Walkers Lamb & Mint flavour crisps (poor lambs to the slaughter for a potato snack, what a shame. Course, it's only flavouring and not real lambs, isn't it?) and a spot of DIY requiring the deft application of some Polyfilla. Lousy bits of Glasto being screened this afternoon - Lily Allen, Paulo Nutini cropping up and the ever-fattening and increasingly annoying Phil Jupitus doing some dreadful links. Perhaps we'll get to see some Babyshambles and Iggy Pop later, but I ain't holding my breath and, at 7.15pm, I'll also have to watch Doctor Who, which has been getting unbelievably brilliant over the last three weeks.
Anyone looking for more of the Glasto vibe should check out NME snapper Andrew Kendall's fantastic photo blog.

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