Thursday, June 21, 2007


There are lows and highs in this strange writer's life I lead and, thankfully, yesterday registered at the high end of the scale. Saw the artwork and the brochure copy for the new play, which was very, very exciting to see, and then had a really constructive meeting about the next stages of the writing process. Many times there'll be absolutely no sign of a play when brochure copy is written but the new work is in pretty good shape, although it's certainly going to be changing shape over the next six months.
So, how did we celebrate my positive mental state? Why, we went to see a Hull College production of Don Taylor's Roses of Eyam. Blimey, what a depressing piece of work it is (although that's not a surprise - it is about the plague. Please, enough deaths already. Oops, there goes another villager. And another). No slight on the cast or director intended, because they did well, but I did head out of the doors feeling as if I might die within seconds.

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