Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Public transport of delight...

While the environment might, one day, thank me for no longer contributing nasty emissions now that I'm sans automobile, I've got to say I'm not too enamoured with public transport. Bus drivers appear very miffed that fare-paying passengers, or, more specifically, I, don't have a complete and full working knowledge of every route in the land and the price of a ticket, they're as unhelpful a bunch of bastards as ever lived and their other passengers, well, they smell too much for my liking and the majority are overweight. Maybe the problem is me. Last night, on the bus journey home, a young girl's mobile telephone had the audacity to ring. The driver's response? "Can we have that bloody racket turned down NOW?!" Surely shouting at his passengers for such an innocuous bit of everyday behaviour was more distracting for this driver than the sound of a ring tone? One of the bus companies in Hull has decided to ban pushchairs from buses on the grounds that, well, they don't like pushchairs on their buses. Which seems palpably daft and pretty much demonstrates that people that run transport companies are, on the whole, a bunch of clueless c*nts. If only we could un-invent the wheel, eh?

This time tomorrow I'll be back in Bradford at the premiere for the short film. I've even gone so far as to buy a new shirt. No media duties for me to date but my good friend Ujjal, over in York, who was sound operator on It's My Party, for which I wrote the script, has whipped up such a media storm that he now ranks third in Google searches for Bollywood Oscars, which is some achievement. The York Press has a good piece with Ujjal here. Come on, Hull Daily Mail, lets see you rise to the challenge, support a local artist and write about a very exciting multi-cultural project, eh?

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