Thursday, June 07, 2007

Till, we meet again...

Drama played out in front of us in the queue in Wilkinsons (we purchased some cat litter, cat food, and a pack of laydee razers, in case you're wondering. Which you shouldn't be, you weirdo) yesterday. A woman had, as well as some sherbert fountain sweeties, two discounted items in her basket. Or so it seemed, initially, until the checkout gal scanned them in. A packet of 30 elasticated hair bands priced at 99p but with a 75% discount sticker attached? "Are you sure these were in the discount section?" she asked the stone-faced customer. "Yes." Mandy, the store supervisor was called with the push of a button that made a squeaky alarm squeak into life. It quickly became apparent that someone had placed the 75% discount sticker where it wasn't wanted. All eyes were aimed at the customer. Did the customer hold her hand up and admit the discount ticket adhering trickery? No, she did not (although accusatory Wilko staff eyes were in no doubt). Did she want the hair bands at 99p rather than 25p? No, she did not. Then attention focused to a full dinner service. "That's £5," said checkout gal. "No," said customer, "It's £1.25. I know it's £1.25 because I bought two the other day." Mandy, the store supervisor who had chuntered off and was no doubt heading for a cigarette break after the hair band discussion, was called back. "That's £5," insisted Mandy. "I only pay £1.25," said customer. "No you don't," said Mandy, reminding herself that the customer, at least on this day, in her mind and at this precise moment in Wilkinsons, is always wrong, "you pay £5 or you don't get it." "But I bought two the other day for £1.25." Again, the accusing eyes, suggesting that customer had affixed £1.25 barcodes to goods worth £5, got away with it twice but today was the day the ticket-adhering bargain-basement fun ended. "Do you want the dinner service?" "For £5? No."
Our turn. Our bag of cat litter was priced at £1.99. By now I'd assumed that the barter system had been adopted and fully-embraced by this forward-thinking organisation. I offered £1. They laughed at me. I was being serious.

Right, to Bradford, to watch a short film!

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