Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Curb your writing...

Re-draft day. So, in a wildly spontaneous move, we went to town and ended up in historic English Civil War-plotting parlour upstairs Ye Olde White Harte. They seemed to have a new menu, although perhaps not because the last time I ate there was around five years ago. M had never been and was suitably impressed with the 500-year-old surroundings and the food. For dessert we went to the indoor market across the way and bought pick-a-mix. Now, busy re-drafting, I'm sat watching a cool hour-long Larry David interview, putting off the inevitable until the last possible moment. Which probably means tomorrow. Which is very bad of me. But I am drawing inspiration from all I do and watch and, should I put some music on in a minute, which I probably will, listen to. Actually, there's sound on the LD interview so that base is covered. Writing a comedy (it is a comedy) when the backdrop is saving lives and dealing with death is, well, it's not fucking easy. Having written a comedy and then being faced with picking it apart and then putting it back together with one eye on retaining that comedy is practically fucking impossible. As you'll gather, I'm not enjoying the re-drafting process. I'm getting nowhere - partly because I'm not actually doing anything tangible and quantifiable right now - unless you can count moving the script from a desk to a sofa as that - but partly because I really want this to be the best thing I've ever written. Fear of failure rears its ugly head again. Anyway, Larry D tells me not to worry about the audience and where and when they'll laugh. Just time to get on with it, I suppose. Which is why I'm blogging.

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