Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dracula territory...

Few days in Whitby, where we've enjoyed that view of St Hilda's Abbey and lots of hills, slopes and steps, which was hard work for pregnant M, who therefore requested I carry her around the town and into shops selling either jet or clothing for the black-clad gothic generation.
In between steps and eating copious quantities of food that didn't, amazingly, involve fish and chips at any point, met and chatted to Pete Thomson, curator of Whitby's fine RNLI museum and medal-winning, MBE-awarded former coxswain mechanic and current Whitby lifeboat press officer, who was a lovely man.
M thinks that the cottage we stayed in may well have been haunted. I think it just felt a bit damp. Either way, there was no sign of an immense dog jumping onto the East Pier and heading into the darkness.


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