Monday, July 09, 2007

Fight, fight, fight...

Nice, almost comedic, headline in T'Independent today in the aftermath of daft people running on to an east Hull rugby pitch to swing their handbags at each other: FANS' FIGHT BRINGS HELL TO HULL AFTER HIGH WATER (in comparison, the HDM's RUGBY STARS TARGETED AS MATCH IS MARRED BY MINDLESS VIOLENCE looks a bit dry, doesn't it? While The Sporting Life's PROBE AS TROUBLE MARS DERBY is, frankly, a bit too sci-fi for my liking). What outsiders have to remember is that Hull is thirty years behind the rest of the country and, therefore, hooliganism on the grand late 1970s scale has only just reached us and, apropos of that, nobody here could see anything wrong with Chris Rock's outburst when interviewed by Johan Ross at the recent hypocritical power-abusing Live Earth gig, although they could be heard demanding "who's Chris Rock, bring back Charlie Williams!" A Colemanball of sorts, too, in the Indy article: "It was there for the taking, but we couldn't take it,'' said Rovers' coach, Justin Morgan. And to think he does a constant stream of media work.

More transport woes this morning. I'm obviously meant to be in Selby - the journey to Leeds halted at said grubby, in-bred market town* this morning due to vandalism on the tracks, although I was informed of this by a fellow passenger, rather than any representative of TransPennine or First, who didn't say anything other than, "get on that bus!" Once we'd all been herded on board, aside from the 25 people who couldn't fit and had to wait for the next bus, we headed up a mysterious back road known as the A63. Miraculously I was a mere 15 minutes late at my desk.

Later I am having a meeting about rewriting someone else's zombie film script, which will no doubt descend into mere drinking but is helping the day in the office go by, as I, myself, feel like something of a zombie today.

*This is my opinion and not based on any empirical findings. Although if there were any, it would prove I'm right. Apologies if you're from Selby and have stumbled on this entry because I've used the word Selby far more than I ever intended to. Still, you can't read anyway, can you? Hey! I don't mean it.

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