Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday spam...

Last night we ate at Hull's vegetarian restaurant extraordinaire Hitchchock's, where the constantly-rotating menu was Italian this time around (first person to book for the evening gets to choose which nationality the food will hail from, goes the unproven legend, although I'm yet to meet anyone who's been able to do this). Lovely, it were, although it was impossible to part a slice of the very appetising pizza from the hot plate it was adhered to and several hours later I still feel full. Must be the two helpings of dessert I gobbled up.

There's so much spam in the world that you've probably already received the message below, which came along with hyperlinks to an online pharmacy, but there's something about this particular piece of wasted bits that I actually love:

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I also had another spam in the inbox this morning with the subject heading "Privet!". Marvellous. Anyway, I must get on. With my usual peremptorines of course.


bazza27 said...

I can vouch for the 1st caller choosing the menu style as I have done it twice now, however that was in Hitchcocks early days. A top place to eat, especially if you have a big appetite.

Dave W said...

At last, I (virtually) meet a man who has. Thank you, Bazza.