Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time wasters...

97 minutes on the telephone to Nat West, which was great fun. I must start overcharging them for my time. After they'd wasted part of my day I was in such a rage that I promptly did what I've been too lazy to get round to until today - sent off the letter to reclaim those excessive bank charges.

Otherwise, I'm busy with a redraft of the play and being reminded why I wasn't much of a fan of Cllr Carl Minns when, merely aspiring to be a professional bullshitter politician, he muttered a lot of spurious nonsense at the university we spent time at together. That was a while ago now, and political views are re-aligned of course, but Lib-Dem Carl, who often contributed to the magazine I co-edited, appeared to be a whole lot more left-leaning in those days.

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