Friday, July 06, 2007

Where's tha bin?

Financial wranglings and hefty chunks of paperwork today, all writer-related. Great fun. Gordon Brown's coming to the city, now it's all dried out, and will be bringing some cash with him. He'll have great fun too. Prince Charles isn't coming, not after suffering the ignominy of a dinghy ride near Doncaster. But he could have had great fun. There's a lot of community spirit and great fun to be had here in this north-east coast town. We all rally round. Even the Tories amongst us. What? There are Tories amongst us? It's worse than I thought. This satirical filthmongering site has a nice take on recent events. In other news the city council has given us a nice new brown recycling bin for our garden rubbish and we are part of a very exciting recycling garden rubbish trial, during which we will probably forget to use the bin and keep chucking grass cuttings and small branches in the grey bin instead. There are now more dustbins, in all their various colours, in Hull than there are residents. Come the next flood we can all sail away to dry land in them, can't we?

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