Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hitler rhymes...

"People are saying," said local news anchor Peter Levy on Look North, talking about river dredging going on in Lincolnshire to prevent a repeat of the recent floods, "that this is too little too littler." Which rhymes with Hitler. On India With Sanjeev Bhaskar on Monday night, entrants to the Mrs India beauty contest, upon whose panel of judges Sanjeev sat, were asked, apropos of nothing, "Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?" Which rhymes with littler and, thus, added a perfect symmetry to my BBC viewing.

Anyone else wondering who'll die tonight? Mike Reid, Bergman, Antonioni, blimey, they're dropping like flies. Given that the two great filmmakers count is at two compared to the professional Cockerneys single departure, I expect it will have to be one of the jellied eel brigade. How's about Jim Davidson?

Lunch today with a writer/director down the Old English Gentleman. We both opted for the slightly bizarre sandwich filling Roast Beef and Gravy, resulting in a splatter-fest and gravy-coated fingers as the gravy dripped right through the baguette rather rapidly. Roast Beef on Yorkshire Day, seems rather fitting. Much better than wearing a flat cap and a dour expression before heading down t'pit.


Stephen Newton said...

What are you on?

Dave W said...

Just life, Stephen, just life. And the occasional pint of Fosters.