Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm still standing...

Elton John wants the internet turned off. Funny that, I've been wanting Elton John turned off for years. Way, way before he twitched his eyebrows for England's dead rose, in fact. He reckons the net's destroyed the creation of music. That we've stopped going out and being together because we're too busy wasting our hours on boreme and facebook and eltonjohn and, as a result, we've stopped making brilliant music. Like, erm, Crocodile Rock and Nikita and Kiss The Bride. Imagine what we could write if we stopped blogging! We could be Mozart! But I imagine that Mozart would know better than to put bright red text on a grey background to dazzle the eyes of his audience, like wot self-confessed Luddite and iPod denial merchant Elton's done here. I also imagine that, if Mozart were around today, he'd have his own myspace page where his latest toons would be hosted (I did check, it doesn't exist, just a "Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred" message there, my friends, and not so much as a whiff of Die Entführung aus dem Serail). But what's the point of constructing an argument against Elt's daft stance when I can just be lazy and turn to the internet for the answer. Regard.

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