Friday, August 03, 2007

King of non-beef burgers...

Nipped into Burger King at lunch for a quick snack to be met by signs that read Due to a technical problem we are unable to serve beef products until further notice. Which is a bit of a drawback for a food outlet whose burger products are, predominantly, beef. So it was a chicken salsa baguette for me and a bean burger for the lady. Took an age for them to prepare this cut-down menu, which left me perplexed, shall we say. I assumed, but was afraid to ask the grubby vendors, that the 'technical problem' was an issue with the flame griddle that these franchises use. Unless, of course, they forgot to order the beef burgers.

Hull's rebuilding continues. The site on the right was once home to a construction industry training centre, a load of caravans waiting to be shifted elsewhere and, for years, also used to contain a massive disused warehouse favoured by talented graf writers. But all that's been flattened and will be replaced by a 'business park'. In light of recent flooding I'm not so sure about that riverside location.

I had to phone the DVLA this morning as they were trying to fine me for failing to return some registration documents that I'd returned. Call-waiting music was by Extreme, a band name that seemed to reflect some of the work that the DVLA carries out.

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Stephen Newton said...

Buger King's bean burgers are god's own fast food.