Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh I do like to be beside....

...the seaside. So we wound up in the east coast town of Hornsea. Less of a resort, more of a retirement home for people with Scottish Terriers. The hot weather brought people in search of a quick fix of fish 'n' chips 'n' ice cream 'n' five donuts for £1, including us. My grandmother used to live here so when I was a lad I was a regular visitor and suffered the most boring weekends as a result. The promenade might be a shade nicer these days but, on the whole, the place has hardly changed. One winter I seem to recall half of Hornsea blowing down in a big storm and it was never rebuilt. And gran's bungalow has long-since disappeared into the sea. I once ran along the sea front here, dashed into the gents, skidded on the wet floor, fell over and rolled into a urinal trough. Happy days. We almost opted to live here a couple of years ago although I don't think that either of us would have stood it for more than the two hours we were there today. Ate nice chips, donuts and ice cream then walked through Hall Garth Park, where, the signage reminds, you're not allowed to let your cars and motorcycles, never mind your horses, ponies and dogs, foul.

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