Wednesday, August 29, 2007


As if all these tedious ramblings aren't enough, I now have yet more web presence and more blog space, over on the Hull Truck website, where I am, rather retrospectively in the first instance, harping on about where the idea for On A Shout materialised. In a hasty decision mumbled across a green room, I have pledged to write an entry at least once a month for the venue between now and the first night and I anticipate a huge response from the public!

Met eldest son in town. He's 15 tomorrow so I handed over the necessary in exchange for five minutes of his valuable time. We ate hot dogs, which are touted at Hull's major shopping mall as 'the taste of Europe', although, of course, we now associate hot dogs with ball parks and obese Americans, rather than the more svelt European. My hot dog was topped with chopped dried onions, an addition that quickly dropped off as soon as I started eating. In the mall I also managed to catch sight of a pair of trainers that my daughter is insisting we buy for the baby, as she's keen to indoctrinate unborn children with her personal brand preferences. Daughter reckons that if she had size 1.5 feet she would wear these herself, although I think that's the kind of behaviour that would probably get a 17-year-old girl laughed at (velcro? at your age?) and, if she did have size 1.5 feet, I'd've made her join the circus and she wouldn't be able to afford such luxurious footwear.

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