Thursday, August 09, 2007

The root of all evil...

One very important part of Richard Bean's advice to a writer is "pay the rent". I think I read it in an interview, perhaps on Theatre Voice, although he might have merely muttered it to me (Richard very occasionally reads this, so hello Rich, and thanks for the advice. I'm still to write an episode of The Bill, as per your instructions). As I'm currently trying to spin a few projects at once, I can only wholeheartedly agree with east Hull's finest - it's hard enough trying to remember who's who and which plot device goes where but there's an overwhelming distraction right now: Money. Or lack thereof. I appear to be going the way of many an 'artist' in that, well, my creditors are lining up, shall we say. It's getting in the way of the dream. The worrying thing is that I have achieved a modicum of success, albeit on a local level, and I'm ready to spread my wings and fly and (hopefully) write great things. I don't have a deity-given right to do this, I know that, but with something of a track record it should be getting easier, shouldn't it? I should be getting more work (and, yes, I should also be writing that episode of The Bill. It's on the list). But someone else is knocking at the door, someone's ringing both phones, there's always someone wanting some cash off me. I don't mind working for the necessary dollars, I honestly don't, but no matter how much I earn it's instantly gobbled up. And, the thing is, I know I'm not alone here. You're in lots of debt too, aren't you? You should never have consolidated your debts, should you? You should never have paid off one credit card with another, then another, then another... You should've opened up the Council Tax demand, you should've paid those utility bills (did anyone else feel like singing I Will Survive then? Perhaps I'm going insane) rather than stash them in a drawer. Is it me or is something, well, just totally not working where money's concerned right now? Maybe it is just me, and you've got all the ISAs you've ever dreamed of, you're house is brimming with equity, you have a portfolio of property and garages full of cars and can't spend anywhere near as fast as you can earn (but still you're skimming the zeros off your tax return, aren't you?). If you are the latter, fuck off, I don't want your sort round here. Everyone else, let's start taking down capitalism, eh?

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