Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ooh, Hell's Kitchen - Barry and Adele in the final. I want Barry to win but expect that Adele will carry off the...erm...what exactly do they win? Barry will be hoping it's a big belt, I should think, and maybe Adele could do with a new belt too. So, that's decided, it's a belt. I shall let Marco know asap.

In other news, the recent Killing Time podcast that nobody's bothering to listen to is now listed amongst some proper ones on iTunes, and you can check out the glamorous listing here.

And Hull FC, top four finish. Well done. Maybe it's just me but I think that they're peaking at exactly the right time. Huddersfield at home now on Friday as the march to the Grand Final commences.


bazza27 said...

I finally got round to listening to the podcast, and I'm assuming you want feedback. Firstly I should say this is the first podcast I have ever listened to (and you may want to hang on to that). On a positive note, I like the sound of your voice, and some of the stuff was interesting, however, after a while I found myself looking at the length of the podcast and thinking, I'm not going to last this. The content was fine, it just went on a bit. In short, stick to the writing, which you excell at, but either severely shorten the podcasts or rehearse them beforehand. If this critique upsets it was not my intention.

Dave W said...

Thanks Bazza, feedback was requested and is much appreciated. I agree - too long. I think ten minutes would be about right (course, there's an unedited version that lasts 7 hours). Actually, not only was I experimenting with the audio software, I was also trying to get my head wrapped round the whole techincal gubbins of hosting the thing, trying to get the feed up, working out how to stream it. The actual content was of secondary consideration! Thanks for taking the time to listen to it and sharing your thoughts, not upsetting at all!

poundy said...


Liked the podcast immensely. So strange after all these years (25+ - feeling old yet?) to hear your voice again.

Bit more rugby next time and you'll have cracked it for me.

Always interested to see what's going on in my old town.

Yours is the second podcast I have listened to, the first being the ravings of my ex neighbour preacher-man (honest) who presided a rather too enthusiastic podcast on what faith meant (long story, he used my daughter as an example). No I haven't caught God in case you are wondering - tho after we went to Preacher man's church for his 60th birthday (when they sneaked in a happy clappy arms in the air 'save me' experience) my seven yr old keeps shouting out 'Allelujah Praise the lord' in Sainsburys or Morrisons or town (rough part) or anywhere to cause maximum embarassment to her parents. Few more good beatings and I'll have reconverted her to atheism.

Keep up the good work

Going to the rugby next week?



Dave W said...

Blimey, Mr Pound! Rugby on Friday it is. Are you over for the game? Suddenly I'm overcome by a strange vision of you actually being online via that humungous Apple you had on loan from Kingston High one summer hols that filled your kitchen table - tell me it's so! (there's no fathoming the way memory works, eh?)

poundy said...

I hope the rugby is on Sat night cos that's when I was coming over! Being pedantic it was a truely massive Commodore Pet if memory serves me correctly. Happy days indeed.... Nowadays I am still surrounded by computers (smaller but mor of them), much to my wife's displeasure.

Dave W said...

Rest assured Saturday it is. 7pm kick-off. Serves me right for blogging when I'm half asleep. Ah, a Commodore Pet. I do believe you spent days plotting a path for a turtle, unless I'm mistaken again!