Monday, September 10, 2007

Bye bye Jim Davidson. Don't come back.

"I think I better leave."
"This is what I mean. Gay means as good as you."
"Why do shirt-lifters all pull the same face?"
"I don't see why there was any offence there."

Words of wisdom from Jim Davidson, a comedian from a different generation, when it was acceptable to be a complete and utter c*nt, a racist (they were all at it back then, you ask Charlie Williams), a homophobe, a misogynist. Times changed, Jim went on to entertain the troops, do his 'blue' pantos and front some mainstream telelvision. But one day, he would rise again, his bigoted views intact.

"Why can't I have a point of view? Why can't I say what I think?"
Because it's wrong, you're wrong, you stupid, stupid man.

Did Jim leave? Not under his own steam. He was asked to leave. Hurrah. May he never appear on television ever again. A victory for common sense and decency.


bazza27 said...

Whilst I agree there is no place for Jim Davidson on todays TV, equally there should be no place for the affected performing seal that is Brian Dowling. I refuse to watch Hell's Kitchen any longer. Harumph!

Dave W said...

Bazza, you can't desert the good ship Marco (adopts Tommy Cooper voice) jus' like that. Can you? Leave Brian alone, he can't help being a big girl's...oh dear, what's happened to me?