Thursday, September 06, 2007

No return...

So I finally got to the end of a redraft of On A Shout. It's in much better shape now, a trifle lighter and lives with the theatre. Miraculously, as I chopped and changed the last 25 pages, I also churned out a short film script.* A productive few days and, of course, I'm getting paid for the play. But I must learn to say 'no' when people ask me to write these other things, especially when no money is forthcoming, as it is not good for my sanity. Especially when they tell me that they're not sure about the short film script when I went out of my way to finish the darn thing. Although I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to writing stuff for the stage, I've been getting paid to write things since, ooh, 1995. Yet still they ask me to write for free and look aghast when I tell them that I usually get paid for such work, as if I'm having them on. But enough is enough is enough, I can't go on, I can't go on no more.

*This rather peculiar habit now appears to be a bona fide part of my writing process - for every play wot I wrote, I've usually written another one that I've tucked in the drawer not knowing what to do with it. It's the daftest activity displacement, writing when I should be writing, but what can I do? And, quite obviously, I don't get paid for these additional scripts either!


Stephen Newton said...

I got some stuff from the Hull Tourist Office, minus the promised pub guide which was disappointing.

Still tempted by the coffee and cake performance.

Dave W said...

If it helps, I'm sure I could use my powers to secure you an extra slice of cake. Or two. Is there a pub guide in existence? I shall head to tourist info at the earliest opportunity and ask them in person.